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Products with character

We’re passionate about innovations, about products that take us forwards and develop the market. As our dealer, you do not get just another bucket, but a construction tool with character that provides your customer with new, more effective ways to work with their construction equipment. Our range of products is developing constantly, as we’re always receiving new ideas from innovators who choose to rely on us to develop and launch their products. We also work in close collaboration with actual users, keeping ourselves up to date with how they use our products. Their opinions go straight into our development process and inspire us to be better. Working with Götene Ufo should be easy; it’s important to us. That’s why we have an organisation with short contact paths and an emphasis on the personal touch. Not because it’s the most effective way for us, but because we really want both you and your customer to be satisfied. In other words, we think it’s great when you need our opinions and experiences.


Some of our dealers

  • Sweden

    Swecon Anläggningsmaskiner AB

    Zeppelin Sverige AB

    Liebherr-Sverige AB

    Delvator AB

    Maskinia AB

    Ljungby Maskin AB

    Peters Lastmaskiner AB

    PG Equipment & Trading AB

    DMK Maskin & Konsult AB

    KH-Maskin AB

    EMSG Sverige AB

    Boströms Traktor & Maskin AB

    Norrmaskiner AB

    GT Center i Skellefteå AB

    Maskin Väst AB

    LGL Maskin i Gnarp AB

    Befo Trading AB

    Lidpol AB

    NTC AB

    Traktor Nord AB

    Närkes Traktorcenter AB

    Söderberg & Haak AB

    Staffare AB

    Pontus Widen Maskin AB

    Stens Maskiner I Växjö AB

    Mariestads Maskin & Energi AB

    JBM Själevad AB

    Mivab i Varberg AB

    J-O Johanssons Maskincenter AB

    Andrésen Maskin AB

    S-O Larsson Maskin AB

    NMM i Gällivare AB

    Axima i Floby AB

    Axima i Göteborg AB

    Haraldsson Tunga Fordon AB

    LHS-Maskiner AB

    Saxtorp Trading AB

    Häggberg Traktor & Maskin AB

    Berggrens Maskinservice AB

    Landvetter Motor & Maskin AB

  • Norway

    Volvo Maskin AS

    Hesselberg Maskin AS

    Pon Equipment AS

    Dagenborg Maskin AS

    Gratangen Maskin AS

    Skjetne Maskin AS

    Nasta AS

    Ferro AS

    Entrack AS

    Globus AS

    Bulder AS

    EIK Senteret/Multimaskin AS

    Rosendahl Maskin AS

    Öbacke Vest AS

    SK Produkter AS

    Haagensli AS

    HK Spesialisten AS

  • Finland

    Lännen Tractors OY

    Ekman Holding OY

    OY Scan-Truck AB

  • Iceland


  • Estonia

    Intrac Eesti AS

    EM-Serv AS

    Mecro AS

    AS Swecon

    Truckmaint OÜ

  • Latvia

    Swecon SIA

    SIA Intrac Latvija

    Witraktor SIA

  • Lithuania

    UAB Swecon

    UAB Intrac

    Witraktor UAB

  • Poland

    Volvo Maszyny Budowlane Polska

  • Russia

    Vostochnaya Technica LLC

  • Belarus

    Zeppelin Weissrussland LLC

  • Slovakia

    Phoenix Zeppelin

  • Slovenia

    Balavto Ltd.

  • Great Britain

    Liebherr Great Britain Ltd.

    Finning UK Ltd.

  • Ireland

    Pat O´Donnell & Co.

  • Austria

    Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH

    Volvo Baumaschinen Österreich GmbH