Götene Ufo isrivare

Ice ripper blade

The ice ripper blade with ballast box effectively removes ice from streets and roads. The ballast box solves the problem of the tractor or wheel loader wanting to lift up while weighing down the blade, which is important when ripping ice. The ballast box is also removable.

Ice ripper blades are available in two widths: 3400 mm and 3700 mm. The latter can also be equipped with height-adjustable wings, allowing you to clear walkways while clearing the street. The wings can be angled 90 degrees backwards and 70 degrees forwards and raised 140 mm above ground level.

Suitable for wheel loaders between 12 and 20 tonnes. The weight of the ice ripper blades ranges from 2.6 and 3.9 tonnes, depending on the filling used in the ballast box.